Five things to look for when renting an office?

Blog post By Tewodros Awoke - Published at 2 years ago

1. Do you really need the office space?

Modern social and technological advancements now allow us to work directly from the comfort of our homes. Working from home provides many benefits and increases productivity. One thing to ask is: Can I run my business from home? If yes, you are saving time and money.

2. Location, location, location

It is important to choose the right office space location not only for your customers but also for your employees. To get to work, you need to consider the distance your employees can and are willing to travel. How long can your customers go to support your business? Other questions to ask are: is it a good neighborhood? Are there enough parking lots? Are there enough transportation options to travel to the office? Is the office space easily accessible? Is the office space location known?

3. Costs and expenses

When it comes to renting an office space, the amount of money you can spend is a major factor. It is best to budget in advance. Rent comes with a lot of costs (such as electricity and water).

Another thing to keep in mind is the necessary resources that are close to your location. Post offices, banks, and other companies that your business needs to operate should be easily accessible. Perhaps your employees will appreciate the great coffee shop in your office neighborhood.

5. What does your office look like?

It is one of the most important factors in determining what your customers think about your business. Make sure your office space shows the image you want for your business. You can portray this with the building and location of your office space. Some landlords may not allow you to paint or tear down walls, so be sure to discuss with them before you sign the lease.

Lastly, you are asking how I can find offices?

You can easily find the office you are looking for using